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'I am what I create
I am what I love
I am what I remember most'

Gary Clark, Eidos project coordinator, Florida, USA
About Centre


Distance Education Center "Eidos" is a non-commercial educational organization, Moscow. The Head of the Center is Andrey V. Khutorskoy, Doctor of Education, Full member of International Academy of Pedagogic.

Center "Eidos" has both Russian and English servers, so its activities are conducted in two languages - Russian and English.


- providing educational interests of children, their parents, students of higher school, and educators from schools and universities from Russia and abroad;
- supporting post-graduates and teachers in their research on distance education problems, heuristic technologies of training, development of gifted youth;
- granting educational services for schools, universities, education departments;
delivering research and practice works on distance education.


- establishment of educational concept of Centre "Eidos", which helps children to reach creative self-development through educational telecommunications;
- tutoring students and post-graduates on their research works for working out and delivering distance courses, projects and technologies;
- publishing, information, reflexion, and instruction through electronic forms.

Technology Research

- experimental activity on working out virtual, multimedia educational technologies in conjunction with traditional face-to-face forms;
- working out, producing, and realization of school syllabus, methodics, curricula and other services in electronic and paper forms.

Educational Services

- training school teachers to master new educational technologies in such distance courses as "Distant forms of education", "Development of gifted kids", "Heuristic type of education", etc.;
- reviewing and experting author syllabuses (experts are degreed scholars);
- recommendations for entering Moscow Pedagogical University post-graduate study on distance education problems and the following tutoring of the research work;
- distance and face-to-face seminars on organizing school work in order to develop gifted kids through research activities.


- distance training of children and adults in Russia and abroad via e-mail and Internet forms;
- distance educational projects, International Heuristic Olympiads, distance courses on developing kids creative abilities;
- e-mailing with students from Russia and countries of the former SU;
- helping parents in developing their kids creative abilities;
- distance educational courses for parents and their kids.

International Cooperation

- Center "Eidos" activities meet the demands of the basic policy directions of Russian Federation, UNESCO, international organizations on developing distance education;
- Center "Eidos" has contacts with schools and universities of America, Canada, Great Britain, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, countries of the former SU;
- Center "Eidos" is open to start new international cooperation through joint distance education projects and activities.

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