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Gary Clark, Eidos project coordinator, Florida, USA
Education conferences


Distance conferences

Distance Education Centre Eidos and the Russian Academy of Education annually conduct the All-Russian Distance August pedagogical conference. It is the most popular distance conference of the year.

The author of the idea and technology of distance pedagogical conferences is Dr. Andrey Khutorskoy, Head of Centre Eidos.

Distance pedagogical conference started its work in 1999. Its main specifity lies in discussion of problems of modernization in educational system, finding out scientific validity of various aspects of school reforms.

In total, more than 40 thousand individual and collective participants not only from Russia, but also from other countries, have taken part in distance August conferences since 1999.

During these distance conferences the reports of scientists from the Russian Academy of Education, teachers, representatives of regional education department are emailed and discussed.

The results of the conferences are reflected while planning the future scientific and practical researches in schools and higher education.

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