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Distant Heuristic Olympiads English Language


Russian Academy of Education
Distance Education Center "Eidos"
Moscow, Russia

XXII Distance Heuristic Olympiad of the English Language (Poetry): Rules and Regulations

June 18, 2009

The Organization of International Distance Heuristic Olympiad of the English Language (Poetry) is provided by Distance Education Center "Eidos", Moscow, Russia.

I. Aims and Purposes of the Olympiad.

  • The main purpose of the heuristic Olympiad is to help students to show their own creative abilities via e-mail. The students make out their own versions, discoveries, compositions, researches, investigations in the English language.
  • Give the opportunity to the students to know distant form of learning.
  • Communication between students of different countries.

II. Participants.

The local organization of Olympiad is provided by local coordinators and schools - participants. The participants can be both individuals and organized school or club groups of students of all years of learning.
The Olympiad tasks are made individually by each participant in its age category. But those school or club groups which register 10 or more participants can also take part in team championship.

Team championship

The Olympiad is carried out among the registered participants in the following age groups: 6-10 y.o., 11-14 y.o., 15-18 y.o., adults. If a school registers 10 or more participants within one of the age categories it takes part in team championship. For example, if the school has registered 15 students in age group "11-14 y.o." and 7 students in age group "15-18 y.o., adults" this school participates in team championship only in the age category "11-14 y.o.".

III. How to take part in the Olympiad.

1. To take part in the Olympiad individual applicants and coordinators (teachers or parents) of the organized groups of students should pay the registration fee (see p.IV ) and send an application form no later than June 17, 2009 to the Olympiad Committee: olymp@eidos.ru. Subject: "Olymp_Application".

After paying the registration fee the application form is sent.

The application form:
In the body of the letter you should write: The application for the XXII International Distance Heuristic Olympiad of the English Language (Poetry) from 'the name of the local coordinator or the participant'.

I. Name, Surname, Contact E-mail of the group coordinator (teacher, parent) or the participant.

II. E-mail for receiving the Olympiad tasks and the results.

It is important to indicate two e-mail addresses on different domains in the case if one of your e-mail boxes will turn out to be not accessible.

III. The postal address for receiving diplomas and prizes in the case if you win.

IV. Particulars of the document confirming the payment of the registration fee.

Information to be indicated: the sum of payment, bank name, account number, date of payment, full name and number of the payment document, payer’s name. You should also mention the tariff plans according to which the payment has been made, for example, tariff "Team+10".

If the payment is made in one of the payment systems (Web Money, Yandex-Money etc.) the corresponding data are indicated: fox example, WMID of the payer, the purse number, etc.

V. Participants’ names (First Name, Surname, Form, School, City).

VI. Participants’ names who get the Certificate of the Olympiad Committee.

Attention! You can also order an official Certificate of Participation indicating your rating position.

More details about Certificate types and tariffs see at: http://www.eidos.ru/eng/olymp/doc/svid.htm

2. After receiving of the application and confirmation of the payment the Olympiad Committee sends the confirmation of your registration and the Instructions on the holding of the Olympiad. On the day of the Olympiad all registered participants get the tasks of the Olympiad.

3. More details about the English Language Olympiads you can read in English at http://www.eidos.ru/eng and at http://www.eidos.ru/ in Russian.

IV. Registration fee

The sum of the registration fee is determined according to the following tariff plans:

Tariff plan EUR USD RUB
"Season Ticket" - for each person if no less than 400 participants are registered. 3.11 4.23 136
"National Team" - for each person if no less than 30 participants are registered. 3.4 4.6 149
"Club" - for each person if no less than 20 participants are registered. 4.2 5.7 182
"Team" - for each person if no less than 10 participants are registered. 5.4 7.1 234
"Group" - for each person in a group of 4-9 participants. 6.2 8.4 269
"Individual" – for each person in a group of 1-3 participants. 6.8 9.3 299
"Chance" – for each person registered on the day of the Olympiad in addition to a group of 10 or more students which has been already registered. 7.5 10.1 329
"Super Chance" - for each person registered 1-2 days after the Olympiad 9.1 12.4 399

In the case if you pay the registration fee in some other foreign currency the sum of the payment is to be calculated according to the official exchange rates of foreign currencies set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (see http://www.cbr.ru/eng) on the date of the payment. If you face some difficulties with the calculating of the sum to be paid you can address the Olympiad Committee olymp@eidos.ru.

V. Account details

For example:

Am Stadtpark 9, P. O. Box 50, A-1011 Vienna, Austria
Account No.: 1-50.092.584/100.EUR

The correspondent banks’ accounts - http://www.alfabank.ru/corporate/corr/accounts/

27 Kalanchevskaya Street, Moscow, 107078, Russia
BENEFICIARY: Andrey Viktorovich Khutorskoy
ACCOUNT No.: 42301978804140001414
PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: Refund of charges for participating in distance heuristic Olympiad.


Web Money account:

WMID 782515422921

R172476714735 – RUB
Z259418805265 – USD
E941478645790 – EUR
U352715113041 – UAH
B186607178647 – BYR
The payment is to be made without fixture protection.

VI. Olympiad tasks

1. The Olympiad consists of five Nominations with heuristic tasks. The tasks are open - they don't have beforehand known answers. To do the tasks you should think of your own versions, give your own opinions, and carry out your own research, but not to send the already known information. The students are not expected to copy out the known answers from books or other sources. The main criteria of students' works estimation are non-typical answers, creative efficiency, and depth of the world-view.

2. It is recommended for the participants to carry out the Olympiad tasks during 2-3 hours (for the senior groups - 3-5 hours) with breaks to rest. The beginning and ending of the local event is determined by the local coordinator according to the conditions. The additional time is given for sending and transferring the works. The works of the participants of Olympiad are sent to the Olympiad Committee on the day of their fulfillment no later than 12.00 p.m. (local time).

3. The participants can do the Olympiad tasks in "paper", and then type their works on the computer without any changes. The local coordinators can help the children to type the answers, however, editing and changing of the works is not allowed. It is recommended to include the file "readme" with comments to students' work. The senior participants do their works by themselves.

VII. Paper assessment criteria

Olympiad participants’ papers are checked and assessed by the Jury, comprised by members of the Russian Academy of Education and educational practitioners. The Olympiad Committee is headed by Mr. Andrey V. Khutorskoy, Doctor of Pedagogical Science, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, Academician from the International Pedagogical Academy.

General Criteria for Students’ Papers Assessment:

- unconventional thinking (difference from the known and common);
- originality (reliance on personal potential of the student);
- creative productivity (scope and quality of the student’s answer);
- depth of the world conceptual comprehension (extent of penetration into the basis of the area being developed or constructed);
- level of technical or graphical implementation of the concept.

Note: If plagiary fragments are detected in the papers of two or more students or the same having being downloaded from the network, those participants shall be kicked out of the contest.

The results of the Olympiad are summarized for each participant of the Olympiad, individually. For each age group, the Olympiad winners, awardees and laureates will be determined, general rating is to be published. The team-winners will be manifested, too.

VIII. Awards and prizes

The winners of Olympiad are awarded with the diplomas of Russian Academy of Education and traditional Russian souvenirs.

The results of the Olympiad and the best works of the Olympiad participants will be published on Center "Eidos" server: http://eidos.ru/olymp/index.htm in Russian, http://eidos.ru/eng/olymp/english/index.htm in English.

Coordinator of Distant Heuristic Olympiad

E-mail: olymp@eidos.ru

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