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'I am what I create
I am what I love
I am what I remember most'

Gary Clark, Eidos project coordinator, Florida, USA
Distant Heuristic Olympiads


Dont be afraid of extraordinary and crazy answers!
Give way to your emotions, feelings and fantasy!
Remember you are a great talent! On we go!


You are on the page of the most unusual and popular Olympiads in Internet.

More than 60 thousand students from 170 cities of Russia and other countries have already taken part in these Olympiads! Many girls and boys are expecting the nearest heuristic Olympiads with great impatience, as a gulp of creativity!

Distance Heuristic Olympiads are usually carried twice a month! There are Olympiads in mathematics, computer science, Russian, English, history, biology and even in humour!

The author of the heuristic Olympiads is Dr. Andrey Khutorskoy. He has written a lot of books on this theme. The organizers of the Olympiads are Distance Educatio Centre Eidos and the Russian Academy of Education.

Students from 1 up to 11 forms participate in the heuristic Olympiads. To take part in the Olympiads you don't need to go to some place, it is just enough to have e-mail. Heuristic Olympiads are accessible to any pupil from any school.

If you are eager to take part in the heuristic Olympiad and to find out you are talented, send your letter-application to e-mail: info@eidos.ru

We invite you to take part in the most interesting Olympiad - The Olympiad of the English Language. Please, read the regulations and send your application form >>

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