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'I am what I create
I am what I love
I am what I remember most'

Gary Clark, Eidos project coordinator, Florida, USA
Projects for students


Centre Eidos offers different distance projects for students:

1. Profile-courses:
The courses on various themes such as My Internet-page, Photoshop, Web-animation, Flash, Creative English, Chemical experiment, etc. are conducted for senior pupils.

2. Eidos-classes:
Distance Eidos-class is a research work done by students of 1-11 classes, who make their reports and work in online with distance teachers and experts.

Subjects: mathematics, physics, computer science, Russian and foreign languages, history, literature, biology, special profile courses.

3. Contests and projects
Centre Eidos has conducted about 30 distance projects, among them are:

My Web-page


Millennium Art Gallery

My Family Tree

Virtual New Year's Card

Virtual Christmas card

My Sweet Valentine

My Virtual House

My Pushkin

My Victory

Summer Internet-festival

4. Heuristic Olympiads
An extremely interesting project. More than 60 thousand students from 170 cities of Russia and other countries have already taken part in these Olympiads! Many girls and boys are expecting the nearest heuristic Olympiads with great impatience, as a gulp of creativity!

If you want to take part any of the above projects for students, send your letter-application to e-mail: info@eidos.ru


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