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'I am what I create
I am what I love
I am what I remember most'

Gary Clark, Eidos project coordinator, Florida, USA
Cooperation with Centre


Representation of your interests in Russia

Welcome to mutual cooperation! Distance Education Center "Eidos" offers you a splendid opportunity to expand your educational and business influence in Russia.

We are ready to publish your papers dealing with problems of education in our Internet journal "Eidos" http://eidos.ru/journal/index.htm. Also, we can organize the publications of your papers in academic journals of Russia.

There is still another way to advertise you in Russia. We can post your banner or a link to your site. Also, any good news about your educational projects or other undertakings can be published on our News page.

We can send your information to our partners and friendly sites, and to a great many subscribers of different news-lists in Russia via E-mail.


Offers and Services for Educators

Dear educators!

Distance Education Center "Eidos" can help you in your educational activities. We invite you to use our services:

Distance Courses:
- Distance courses to help teachers on mastering new educational technologies distant forms of education: "Distant forms of education", "Methods of working out a distance course", "Heuristic type of education", etc;
- Distance seminars on problems of improving education system, consultations on technologies for an educator to construct his/her creative system of teaching children via E-mail and Internet

Distance Projects and Olympiads
- Organization of distance heuristic Olympiads, creative projects to give talented students the way to express themselves with the help of Internet

- Publishing research papers in Internet journal "Eidos"
- Reviewing articles, monographs and dissertations by leading Russian scholars


Services for Students and Post-graduates

Dear students and post-graduates!

Distance Education Center "Eidos" can help you in your research studies of Russia. We invite you to take our services:

Making course papers, degree works, dissertations:
- scholars and experts consultations,
- selection of material;
- reviewing'
- publications in Russian and English

Supervising course papers and dissertations on educational problems in Russia

Recommendations for entering post-graduate study on distance education research problems

Distance consultations on the problems of education in Russia

Official reviews, expert recommendations of the research materials by the leading scholars and educators of Russia

Publication of research papers, projects, programs on Center "Eidos" site

Translating your material into Russian and posting it on Russian news-lists


Offers and Services for Schools

Dear teachers!

Distance Education Center "Eidos" can help you in joint educational activities:

Distance teaching of your students:
- Russian educators can teach your students Math, Physics, Science, Russian Literature, etc.;
- Participation of your students in distance joint educational projects of Center "Eidos";
- E-mailing with students from Russian schools.

Distance courses for teachers:
- training school teachers to master new educational technologies in such distance courses as "Distant forms of education", "Development of gifted kids", "Heuristic type of education", etc.;
- distance and face-to-face seminars on organizing school work in order to develop gifted kids through research activities;
- reviewing and experting teachers syllabuses by leading Russian educators.

Supervising your school experimental activities:
- consultations on development of school educational conception;
- distance seminars for administrators on solving actual problems of distance education in schools;
- distance training of school teachers to master new educational technologies (distant forms of education, development of gifted kids, heuristic type of education, etc.);


Russian School Comes to You Again!

Have you got used to old traditional Russian way of teaching? Do you want your children to be well-educated? Do you expect them to know Physics, Math, Chemistry, History as they did it in Russia? Then you can take distance courses with our Russian teachers, who are ready to deliver solid learning via Internet.

You can choose and take any distance courses you like. The courses can have their start at the time you prefer, have any desirable duration. Our teachers work in specialized schools, have great mastering of the subject, are acknowledged as industrious specialists.

You will be able to choose individual program of learning, methods you would like to use in your learning. Or you can simply have a list of all the courses and choose from them. Please send your registration and we'll send to you more information.

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